About Us

Thank you for choosing Ray Pharmacy. We are here to serve your healthcare needs with the best products the medical and pharmacy industry has to offer.

We started with the vision to give patients and healthcare professionals a way to acquire the medications and medical supplies that is needed for health management. Our pharmacists already have knowledge and experience in the practice for many years and this is where we began to expand our network with suppliers, manufacturers and brand distributors.

The key to fulfilling pharmacy orders is in the efficient management of time and resources – and most importantly, we maintain exceptional customer care by:

  • Making time to have consultations, MTM or Drug Interaction Reviews with patients
  • Coordinating with the prescribing physician
  • Fulfilling orders in a timely manner
  • Reducing wait time for customers when filling prescriptions
  • Offering Delivery Services to the Local Area
  • Encouraging customer feedback

Ray Pharmacy also respects the integrity, dignity and privacy of all customers. We have a strict privacy policy when it comes to preserving the confidentiality of the information that is provided to us by patients/healthcare providers:

At Ray Pharmacy, keeping the patient’s personal and medical information private is of prime importance. We ensure that third parties are not allowed access to your personal information. Information that is gathered by our company through online forms is kept confidential.

Delivery Services

Driving to our pharmacy may take your time – or it could be difficult for you right now if you’ve recently been hospitalized and still recovering. We’ll take the load off you by delivering orders straight to your door. Request for delivery services now!